A.I. Wars Summary of Battle Options

Position strategy node x ___ y___ = This allows the person creating the battle to define the X and Y coordinates of a object called the "Strategy Node" You can keep it English name if you wish.

Save map snapshot to summary (text) = This option when selected will force the program to draw an ASCII text image of the map at the end of the battle summary text.

Show battle settings in summary = This option will add text explaining the battle options selected for the battle at the top of the summary.

One click, one command = The game allows players Cybugs to do a number of logic commands in each turn (called a click) this option forces the Cybugs to only use one logic command per turn.

Text Only = The battle is displayed as text descriptions of the actions of the Cybugs instead of using graphics.

2D Follow = This shows the battle with 2D top down graphics and follows a specified Cybug around showing only a portion of the battlefield.

2D Birds Eye = This shows the battle using 2D graphics from a high enough point so you can see the entire battlefield.

3D = This launches the battles using the 3D engine and depicts the battle from a more realistic vantage point.

Disable IFF codes (no friendly Cybugs) = Cybugs can assign a secret 'IFF' code value to themselves. If a Cybug scans another Cybug it will be told if the other Cybug has a matching code or something different. If the scans says it's the same then the Cybug is told that the scanned Cybug is a Friend if it is different then it is told that it is an Enemy Cybug. This allows Cybugs with the same IFF code to behave as partners on the same team. IFF is short for "Inquiry, Friend or Foe". If this option is selected then all bugs will see each other as enemies.

Disable Shield Overheat = If this option is selected the game will ignore Cybugs heat levels. If this is not selected then a Cybug can overheat by using its shields for too long.

Disable Strategy Node = This option will launch a battle without a strategy node in its battle field. A strategy node is a object that the Cybugs can move over that replenishes its fuel and grants it additional points to its score and gives it more ammunition.

End Battle if Cybugs stop roaming = In some battles the Cybugs may choose to stop moving based on the instructions its programmer gave it. In cases when all of the Cybugs in a battle decide to stop moving, it becomes pointless to continue the battle since the outcome will not change, so if this option is selected the game spares you the boring drama of watching 10 Cybugs sit for hours and hours and simply ends the battle.

Battle ends on Queens death = This option allows you to set up a game rules that says end the battle when a Queen Cybug is killed. This allows for battles that have teams with Queen Cybugs with an objective of killing the other teams Queen to win.

Last Cybug Alive fuel to points bonus. = This option will grant points to the last remaining Cybug in a battle by giving it 1 point for each unit of fuel it still has in its fuel tanks.

Blood Mode (no health points) = This option when selected takes away the part of the score that grants points for health points remaining and only rewards a Cybug with points for damaging other Cybugs.

Debug mode on for marked Cybug = The game allows you to select (Mark) a Cybug. Marking a Cybug places a red flag on it in 2D mode. This option will show you the commands being processed by the marked Cybug (if you have its password.) This is used for debugging a Cybugs code while watching its behavior in battle.

Save 2D recording to the file listed below = this saves a 2D battle recording to the file specified in the box below.

Save 3D recording to the file listed below = this saves a 3D battle recording to the file specified in the box below.