Assigning Actions to User Variables:
Many people don't realise at first that you can assign absolutely any data to a user variable. This can be commands like 'Move Forward' or 'Turn Left'.

The advantage of this is that it is possible to plan in advance what you are going to do, and then when the time comes, it can be done very quickly, as there are now no calculations to be done.

Another slightly more subtle advantage is often evident in Torque. If you want an action to happen on a particular sub-click (see Philip's SubClick Tutorial for more info on this topic) then you can do something like:

This will always perform the action command on the last line. If instead, you had used: ... then the action could happen on either of the second or third lines. This can cause problems when something later in the code desparately needs an extra sub-click. It can also be very frustrating to debug, because this kind of problem will only happen when the cybug scanned a mine.