Fragging Explanation:
'Fragging' is a colloquial term which has been used for some time in AI Wars. It refers to inflicting damage on an enemy by firing a missile into an adjacent obstacle. The name comes (I think) from the idea of damaging the enemy with missile fragments. Shea also assures me that you 'frag' people in deathmatch Doom, so that's probably another reason. 

Before Philip Bovenkamp wrote his champion cybug Leo, nobody thought much about it at all, although I do remember my Reaper getting trounced by Ladybug on a map where the walls were only one block thick. Reaper would be on one side of the wall, and Ladybug would fire a missile into the other side of the wall, killing Reaper with the splash damage. Even then, I thought I was unlucky, and didn't see the oppertunities that this opened up.

Anyway, I digress. Leo would set up a nest of mines around himself, and fire a missile into them whenever anybody came near. This started the ball rolling, and soon all the top cybugs used this technique to their advantage.

Another common trick happened during a discharge-energy fight. The bug that was losing the battle would back away, lay a mine in front of itself and blast it with a missile to finish off the enemy.