Gotcha__ 2 Routine:
This routine is used when there is an enemy only two spaces in front of Torque, but a long range scan does not show an enemy. The only way this can happen is if there is a barrier one space in front of Torque, and the enemy is directly the other side of it.

This is a perfect oppertunity to frag the enemy before he knows what's happened by launching a missile into the barrier between the two cybugs. Of course, Torque first has to move back one space so that he does not get hurt by the missile fragments. Then, he stores how far the enemy is in front of him in ~v1, and stores how far the enemy is to either side in ~v2.

If the enemy is less than 3 spaces in front, and also no more than one space to either side, then he can still be fragged, so Torque launches a missile. If the enemy has moved away from the danger area, then Torque jumps to his evade routine, which gets him out of any danger.