Gotcha__ 3 Routine:
Here, Torque knows that there is an enemy 3 spaces in front of him, but that a long range scan did not detect an enemy. There are only three possibilities here:
  1. There is a obstruction 2 spaces ahead of Torque, and an enemy directly the other side of it. In this situation the enemy can be fragged by launching a missile into the intervening obstruction.
  2. There is a obstruction in the space immediately in front of Torque, and an enemy two spaces past the obstruction. This time the enemy cannot be fragged as it is too far from the obstruction to take any damage.
  3. There are two obstructions in front of Torque and an enemy the other side of them. Again, this enemy cannot be fragged as there are too many obstructions between him and Torque.
To find out whether the enemy can be fragged, Torque scans the square directly in front of him. If this square is empty, then Torque launches a missile to frag the enemy.