Gotcha__ 4 Routine:
Here, there is an enemy 4 spaces in front of Torque, but it does not show on a long range scan, meaning that there is an obstruction in the way. There is of course a chance that the enemy could be fragged by launching a missile into the obstruction with the enemy directly on the other side of it. There are 3 spaces between Torque and the enemy, of which at least one (but perhaps all three) contains an obstruction.

The only comination of empty squares and obstructions which results in Torque being able to frag the enemy is if there are two empty squares directly in front of Torque, then an obstruction in the next square and then an enemy in the square after that.

Torque could GPS-scan the three squares between him and the enemy to decide whether it is possible to frag the enemy. Instead of this, he scans the square immediately in front of himself - if this square is empty, then he moves forward one space and goes on to the Gotcha__ 3 routine for when the enemy is only 3 spaces in front. If the square is not empty, then Torque goes to his 'evade' routine to get him out of trouble.

This method is no faster than using gps-scan on all three intervening squares, but it has the advantage that it moves Torque forward, so that if the enemy has moved out of the danger area in the meantime, Torque is now closer to it.