Gotcha__ 5 Explanation:
In this routine, Torque knows that an enemy is 5 spaces in front of him, but that a long range scan does not detect an enemy, indicating that there is an obstruction in the way. If Torque finds that there are 3 empty squares in front of him, followed by an obstruction, followed directly by the enemy, then the enemy can be fragged by launching a missile into the obstruction and hitting the enemy with missile splash damage.

To find out whether this is possible, Torque first scans the position directly in front of him (scan relative 1). If this square is empty, then he scans the next square after this one (using a gps-scan with coordinates calculated in the previous cmath formulae). If this square is also empty, then Torque scans the next square, again using coordinates derived from a cmath expression.

If all of these three squares are empty, then it is possible to frag the enemy, so Torque launches a missile.

If any of these squares turned out to not be empty, then Torque gives up on trying to frag the enemy, and jumps to his Evade: routine to get out of any immediate danger, and return to the normal hunting routines.