Gotcha__ 7 Routine:
When Torque enters this routine, the enemy is 7 squares in front of him, and there is at least one obstruction between Torque and the enemy. If there are 5 empty squares directly in front of Torque, then a barrier or mine or other obstruction, and then the enemy, then Torque can frag the enemy by launching a missile into the obstruction and inflicting splash damage on the enemy directly behind it.

The scan forward command scans the spaces in front of Torque, and extands 5 squares. This means that if the scan forward only finds empty squares, then the obstruction must be in the next square, and the enemy in the one after that, so it can be fragged.

Therefore, Torque does a scan forward and if it shows only empty squares, he launches a missile.

Otherwise, Torque checks for mines, and then jumps to the Evade: routine.