Gotcha__ 8 Routine:
In this routine, Torque knows that he is facing towards an enemy but that a long range scan does not detect any enemies, so there must be something between him and the enemy. There is a chance that Torque can frag the enemy by launching a missile into a barrier directly in front of it, but there are too many spaces between Torque and the enemy for him to easily work out whether this is possible.

However, if he was one space closer then it would be far simpler to work out whether a fragging oppertunity exists (see the explanation for the gotcha__ 7 routine if you want to know why).

Therefore, Torque checks whether it is safe to move forward, and does so if it is safe.

If it is not safe to move forward (i.e. there is a mine or a barrier in the way, then he jumps to him Evade routine, to get him out of any danger and then return to the normal hunting routines.

Also, if the enemy has moved further away than it originally was, then it definitely won't be possible to frag it, so again Torque jumps to the evade routine.

Assuming that Torque moved forward safely, the next routine executed is Gotcha__ 7 (Torque is now only 7 squares from the enemy).