Evade Routine Explained:
This routine is fairly well described by the comments above it - e.g. it moves Torque over one axis, out of the enemy's line of fire. You've probably noticed this if you ever watched Torque in a battle. He launches a missile, and then moves to the side so that the return missile from the enemy misses him.

Basically, in this routine, Torque turns to the left, and then moves forward if it is safe to do so (no mines etc). Otherwise he moves backward.

Then, if there is an enemy on the same axis as Torque, he jumps to a routine to deal with this. Or if there is an inbound missile, he goes to an evasive routine.

Finally, if nothing else interesting is happening, Torque goes to his err_ #cur_head routine which turns him toward the nearest enemy so that he can resume his normal hunting behaviour.