Library Cybug Count: 12 Newest A.I. File Uploaded on: 9/14/2006 12:38:16 PM
BA CannibalSmith 1v encryption, my first cybug, very slow and clumsy Novice 3/4/2002 Tony Dwyer v1 encryption used. Medium 2/14/2002 Bryan Tarr My first bug Novice 7/16/2001 EP Early IBL League Cybug Hard 2/14/2002 Tony Dwyer v1 encryption used Medium 2/14/2002 Vidar Braut Haarr BGS/2 (reffered to by some as 'Balding Gas Salesman 2') was ...Champion 2/20/2001 Photon My very first cybug built from scratch. Not very fast, but a...Novice 9/14/2006 SSL Surge beat naplam, mellive and mantis2 in a 3 vs 1 battle Hard 2/15/2003 Robert Jessop Attacks only using Data Link Command insertion, and is there...Novice 2/28/2001 Isamoor BSD is an opensource community bug. I encourage anyone to d...Example 8/7/2005 Jason Hect Lays in wait for the enemy and attacks primarly with the gre...Hard 2/12/2003 Jason Hect Same idea as version 1.0, just more tricks and better at clo...Hard 2/14/2003