Library Cybug Count: 12 Newest A.I. File Uploaded on: 5/10/2012 3:33:02 PM
A.I.FileAuthorDescriptionRatingUploaded Tony Dwyer v1 encryption used. Medium 2/14/2002 Tony Dwyer Cybug Example Novice 5/10/2012 Sam Wilson Don't look now but your dead Medium 4/20/2003 Devon Ellis Fast Cybug Medium 2/14/2002 Chisel My Attacking Bug (I also has a Defensive Bug) Hard 1/27/2002 Nutty this bug is not based on D'n'C at all, it just resembles the...Special 8/28/2002 John Reder Control Master Cybug to be used as a team member with severa...Example 2/14/2005
CORNER Billy "the master" Mailman always guards corners and blows up the opposition. was creat...Medium 10/15/2001
CROW V Crow Crow v 0.2 Champion 3/11/2011 Crow Croaaaa.... Croaaaa Champion 2/2/2011 Mig Queen Cybug to be used in team capture the flag battles with...Special 2/13/2002 Mig This Cybug was a strong tournament winner. It is a team memb...Champion 2/13/2002