Library Cybug Count: 11 Newest A.I. File Uploaded on: 5/10/2012 3:37:32 PM
A.I.FileAuthorDescriptionRatingUploaded Ashley Rolleston v1 encryption used. Medium 2/14/2002 Tim Rafuse v1 encryption used. Novice 2/14/2002 Devon Ellis v1 encrypted. early version of Mantis. Medium 2/14/2002 Devon Ellis This incarnation of Mantus was one of the first champion bug...Champion 2/16/2001 Devon Ellis Newer IBL League version of Mantis. Hard 2/14/2002 Reinier van de Ruit My first serious attempt for a tournament-bug. The programmi...Hard 2/18/2001 Marty E. Lawson Champion Champion 5/10/2012 [KrazY_IvaN] [KrazY_IvaN] Novice 5/10/2012 gsman basic AI, my best i made after i got hte computer fixed Medium 10/16/2006 Isamoor 100-Line entrant. Reasonable competitive. Special 2/3/2006 Francois Tremblay Team Queen Cybug for capture the flag battles with navbot-5....Special 2/13/2002