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A.I.FileAuthorDescriptionRatingUploaded Raven Suominen Early IBL League Cybug Hard 2/14/2002 Alan J. Kettley if random is 1 then say this if random is 2 then say that ...Special 11/4/2004
RAPTOR Crow Raptor V 0.2 , Some minute changes and bugfixes. Champion 3/26/2011 Crow Good things come in small packages Champion 3/19/2011 Crow You think that you have what it takes to defeat my Raven ? T...Champion 2/8/2011 Marshall Compact Cybug Hard 2/14/2002 James Press Early IBL League version of Reaper Hard 2/14/2002 James Press This Cybug was one of the masters. Champion 2/13/2002 James Press Team Queen Cybug for capture the flag battles with Reaper_5....Special 2/13/2002
Roadster.AI Shea Parkes Shea Parkes Novice 5/10/2012
Roadster.AI Shea Parkes Early IBL League Cybug Medium 2/14/2002 John Reder This is to be used in a team battle with at least one or mor...Example 2/14/2005