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A.I.FileAuthorDescriptionRatingUploaded Reinier van de Ruit This bug is a real champion! Only a few minor updates; this ...Champion 2/18/2001 Robert Jessop for more of my cybugs. This is my...Champion 1/29/2003 Robert Jessop My classic tournmanent winning Schrödinger's Cat 3. It is st...Champion 2/4/2006 Reinier van de Ruit AOC Entry, team cybug. Hard 2/13/2002
Schrödinger's Robert Jessop Completely different from version 2, which was written from ...Novice 2/28/2001
schrödinger's Robert Jessop Multiple tournament winning. Still one of the best. First cy...Champion 2/28/2001
schrödinger's cat2.6 - Robert Jessop Modified cat for team battles. Won't work without team mates...Special 2/28/2001
Schrödinger's Robert Jessop Less than 100 lines. Novice 11/20/2005
schrodinger's Robert Jessop Less than 100 lines. Tiny bugfix for version 2. Medium 12/15/2005
schrodinger's Robert Jessop Less than 100 lines. Heavily debugged, tested and tweaked ve...Medium 11/21/2005 Vidar Braut Haarr Scorpion was my first tournament cybug. Hard 2/20/2001
Seeker Mini Martin C. With less than 100 lines of code, It can seek the nearest en...Novice 1/27/2003
Seeker Mini Martin C. Like its predecessor it has a Hellfire Module except it has ...Medium 1/27/2003
Seeker Mini Martin C. Enhanced Hellfire Module & A Prototype Subconcious Module in...Hard 3/1/2005
Seeker Mini Martin C. Seeker Mini 1.3 Champion 4/16/2006 grinder this simple bug moves forward, shoots a missle at anythig on...Novice 6/4/2001 Omega1989 Sidewinder 2003 is the second bug in the Sidewinder series. ...Hard 7/27/2010 Omega1989 Sidewinder 3000 is the third bug in the Sidewinder series. I...Hard 7/27/2010 Slaytanist Unfinished version uploaded for the Singularity Tourney of t...Novice 3/9/2005 Slaytanist Skorpitron v1.0, named after the robotic scourge of Las Vega...Novice 8/9/2005 Martin Oehlbaum Early IBL League Cybug Medium 2/14/2002 jeremiah Doesn't work, don't know why, please help Novice 2/24/2002 jeremiah doesn't work, don't know why, HELP Novice 3/10/2002 Alpha Squad v1 encrypted Cybug. Old IBL league entry. Medium 2/14/2002 Shea Parkes ' Medium 5/10/2012 Spectre Well less than 250 lines of code but still manages to defeat...Champion 1/18/2011 Dumbo Early IBL League Cybug Novice 2/14/2002 Alan J. Kettley I've got another one for you... I got kinda pissed at how my...Medium 11/4/2004 Leon Less gas-guzzling version of; checks twice for enem...Medium 7/20/2004 Marco Bresciani Capture the flag Cybug that works with NCC-1701-B Special 2/13/2002 Tim Brown A bug that can even with Mantis2. It confuses Mantis2. Try t...Special 7/19/2001 Leon Good cybug, but uses a lot of fuel and ammo. Can be used wi...Medium 7/20/2004 SUjit_RAJ Our bug destroys the opposition by attracting it towards it....Example 4/20/2005 Vusak First build based on the same kind of idea as dazed'n'confus...Hard 3/9/2005