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A.I.FileAuthorDescriptionRatingUploaded Rick Andrasek AOC tournament participant. No password. Medium 2/13/2002
team Nutty Mostly based on a drone, designed for close combat but uses ...Novice 6/22/2002 The_Adaptor v1 encryption used. Medium 2/14/2002
thunderdrone Masterboy very good and attacking cybug. searches for the opponent. On...Champion 7/10/2001 Nait Padilla v1 encrypted Cybug. Old IBL league entry. Medium 2/14/2002
Torque Shea Parkes Queen for use with Special 2/13/2002 Shea Parkes Early Version of Torque5 for IBL league. Hard 2/14/2002 Shea Parkes My final bug. May its memory live forever. Special 9/10/2001 Alexis von Blumenthal This bug a real bastard, starting off by laying a mine trail...Hard 3/24/2001 Ashley Rolleston v1 encryption used. Medium 2/14/2002 Ted Mitchell Example Cybug Included with every version of the game - Simp...Novice 6/3/2001 Ted Mitchell+ Ted Mitchell+ Novice 5/10/2012 Abomb Early IBL League entry. Medium 2/14/2002