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A.I. File Namemantis2.ai
Authors NameDevon Ellis
Description of A.I. FileThis incarnation of Mantus was one of the first champion bugs to take the top spots in many tournaments. Many thought that it was unbeatable, many were wrong. By todays standards Mantus is easy fodder, it didnt use many of the features found in version 5 including grenades, cloaking and cmath calculations.
Notes about the A.I.'s authorDevon was a stong member of the A.I. Wars community running some of the first tournaments and inspiring us to create better A.I. and creative tournaments. He was last seen developing A.I. Fleet Commander.
A.I. File RatingChampion
Date Uploaded2/16/2001 8:02:03 AM

When downloading please set the file name to 'mantis2.ai'