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A.I. File NameGrassHopper1_1.ai
Authors NameJason Hect
Description of A.I. FileWorked out a bunch of 'bugs' from the origonal Grasshopper. Still not up to the current champion bugs though. I tried to program Grasshopper without taking much notice to how other bugs were programed, hoping to come up with a new/fresh (and deadly) paridigm. At this I failed, Grasshopper will never be a champion, but he is still a solid bug and a worthy opponent. Now that developemnet on Grasshopper is complete, I'll concentrate on my new bug Bugbait, which I beleive does use some new and unique techniques in the AI Wars universe. Look for the first release soon!
Notes about the A.I.'s author'
A.I. File RatingHard
Date Uploaded2/6/2003 1:03:54 PM

When downloading please set the file name to 'GrassHopper1_1.ai'