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A.I. File NameGhost.ai
Authors NameGhost
Description of A.I. FileIt is the best of the best. With about 260 lines of code, It is still able to defeat almost anything you throw at it. Also it has an efficient navigation routine. This cybug is a proof that u dont need alot mindless codes to be the best. A well thought out and simple code can do the same. Also Plz note that this is the latest version of it so far. ( Some minor changes in the code for better use of subcliks )
Notes about the A.I.'s authorIf you want the source code or if you need to contact me then do so at " ace.kingofhearts@gmail.com "
A.I. File RatingChampion
Date Uploaded1/21/2011 4:55:39 AM

When downloading please set the file name to 'Ghost.ai'