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Galactic Vabor

I have already posted this on the primary forum, but everyone seems to use this one so Im going to post it here.

I am now accepting entrys for my tounament. If you downloaded the map already, then you know what there going to go through, but if not, heres the low down. They must escape a narrow hallway with the exit on the side, go thourgh mines without discharging energy (theres too many, they would kill themselvs), get to the center of the course and, if the others get there, defeat the other cybugs. Just send in your cybugs (with debug off, encrypted and passworded)or a link to your cybug in the file library to vapor012@hotmail.com and I will take care of the rest. I will put the results and records on the forum and have the replay shared on limewire. So start sending your cybugs in!
The tournament will start November the 25 unless there are less than 9 contestants.

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