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AI Wars 3D From:
John Reder

More screen shots have been added that show the Cybug better. The game BETA is very close to completion. It's installation will be an upgrade patch that will upgrade your AI_Wars.EXE v5.0.7 file as well as add a AIWars3D.EXE file. Other various support files my also be included. If you are interested in testing it please send me your PC Specifications. At this point I'm assuming that the minimum requirment will be a 4MB 3D video card, I'm not sure if you'll need 64MB of RAM or if 32MB will work (that's why I need testers.)

Once I get a good idea of the minimum specifications (and fix any bugs that we may find) I'll release it ASAP!


PS: Only registered players will be considered as BETA testers since I currently have no intention of releasing the 3D upgrade as shareware.

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