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Version 5.5.4 patch released! From:
John Reder

Get it from the normal download or Aiwars 3D pages.

Thanks to Vusak's great detective work a bug has been identified and squashed!

This small patch addresses a bug that hase been present in all versions of A.I. Wars that used the 'cmath' command. Before the v5.5.3 3D upfgrade patch which in addition to adding the new 3D battle engine, replaced the CAICL editor with a new one that auto corrected/verified syntax.

This new editor changed the case in all 'cmath' commands to 'CMath'. This innocent change actually caused the language parser to error on these cmath commands because it was looking for the string 'math' rather than 'Math' to update variables within the string with their true numeric values. This problem always existed but most users always used lowercase 'cmath' and since the editor didn't change teh case before v5.5.3 nobody noticed the issue.

This has been corrected and the cmath command is no longer case sensitive.


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