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Let me start by thanking you for your enthusiasm and hard work promoting A.I. Wars and helping to foster a since of community. Although I don't say much in the forums I am very grateful for the hard work of those who contribute!

Advertising campaign!!! I'm always for that! Sometimes I mention it in news groups but they tend to look like spamming when the author/producer is bragging about a product.. :)

Sales / Trends:
I know that there are new players because I keep selling registrations...!? There seems to be peaks and vally's when it comes to tournament and registrations. For some reason April is my best month every year as far as sales go but by June there seems to be a lull in tournaments. The same goes for good October sales and December quiet. It may have something to do with school/final exams before summer and winter time off.

This game seems to be holding on to it's market share because there simply arent many other games that can be played with programming!

> Well, everyone seems to be in new pages; the forum has moved and my page is under construction. So, for now there is no Dutch AI-Open, only the tournament of Robert Jessop, but the number of contestants is very low. Is everybody losing interest in AI-wars??? Should we start some big advertising campaign or what???
> Like to hear from you all.....
> Reinier

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