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Shea Parkes

I'm taking a little different approach than what you're thinking I believe. I've actually almost got the main navigation math done, and it's a woozy. It turns randomly, goes front or back, keeps a variable buffer between it and the enemy, and other such things. Also, all these things are done by chance, and I initialize pre-set variables at the beginning of the bug so it behaves differently from battle to battle.

Now I just need to integrate random cloaking, cloak tracking, and attack.

I just don't think there's a true way to do barrier navigation with this bug, so I'm going to leave it out.

If I can just get some legitamte attack formulas now...



> i think such a bug would work very effectively, IF it got kills. i know that sounds silly, but what i mean is that if a bug used many successful strategies to get a kill, then it would be very hard to counter. the usual dev process is to work out exactly how the enemy is getting the kill, then countering it with some extra command. the amount of extra commands required to counter a random bug would be rather high, it would be like developing a bug to fight many other bugs, not just one. the only difficulty i see is coming up with 4 strategies that work well in a given situation. but if you can do that, then you can design 4 very good bugs!

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