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Re: Please help a newbie idiot! From:
John Reder

If you are using version 5.5.3 or earlier the math command only works if it's all lower case...
Example change "Math" to "math".

This bug might be your issue, If you are using an ealier version (or the shareware version) just change it to lower case, otherwise the 5.5.4 patch (for the registered version) corrects this.

Hope this helps,

> I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me whats wrong with this code! The fuse is still only 2 spaces! Thanks
> If Value #x_pos > #enemy_x Then Math vx = #x_pos -#enemy_x
> If Value #x_pos < #enemy_x Then Math vx = #enemy_x - #x_pos
> Set Grenade Fuse ~vx

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