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> Hello, I'm a programmer currently using Dark Basic. The people on the forums are discussing making a program very similar to this A.I. wars here. While its still in the early development stages, I am curious as to how close it would be to this program. I was wandering if you could describe to me the features and capabilities of this program, as well as what language the robots are programmed in.
> If anyone here is interested in learning a true programming language, check out Dark Basic at
> www.darkbasic.co.uk
> Thank you for your time.

Hey ho, I am also a darkbasic programmer, I prefer working in Visual basic tho, and I am writting a similar program to this, I have made quite a few Cy bugs be4 and the only one I have foudn that can kill me everytime is teh cat3!

anywayz I dont meant o me negative but I really couldnt see this working in darkbasic, I have made quite a few demos on darkbasic and found that is all it is really capable of. It will be interesting to see how it turns out tho.

anyone into VB then i would really like some help making my project


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