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John Reder

I'm happy to announce that I have increased he speed of the 3D interface approx. 5 times! I'll put up the patch early Monday (look for the aiw3d105p.exe file and download it when its available tomorrow!) I came up with the 5 x increase estimate by timing actions (i,e; how long it took a Cybug to get from hitting a mine to collecting a flag in a battle.) I ran the same battle with he old engine and timed these actions and then ran the same battle in the new engine and timed the actions again. The times in the old engine to do these functions were averaged at about 26 seconds. In the new engine these same actions only took 5 seconds!


> Just downloaded the 3D patch... very cool! That must have taken a lot of coding. I really appreciate that you made it available as a free upgrade for us registered players.
> I'm curious, however, if I'm getting full performance from the game in 3D mode... it is much, much, much slower than 2D. I'm running a Celeron 466, 128meg RAM, with an ASUS V6600 (GeForce II, I think) video card with 32meg on it.
> Is there some way I can speed up the 3D battles?
> Thanks again for pushing the limits of a great game,
> Jason

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