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Questions & Bugs on AIWars 3D v5.5.6 (engine v1.05s) From:

I have a few questions in general about AI Wars:

1) The folder settings for maps & cybugs are not
(or appear to be) saved correctly. I try to start
a battle and the game reports it cannot find the
ai files. Maps are not loaded correctly either, I just get a blank map.

AI's and Maps are in the folders below.
Here is the settings in aiw_config.ini

[File Locations]
cybugs=c:\games2\a.i. wars\cybugs
maps=c:\games2\a.i. wars\maps

2) Are there command-line parameters for the 3D engine? 3d mode seems to run extrememly slow, with
only 1 cybug in battle at 640x480 rez. Also if you move the mouse up far enough (like at the sky) it crashes.

3) When selecting follow mode in 3D the engine
appears to lock up or slow down immensely where it
is almost unplayable.

If you need more info, let me know :)
Thanks, Dave

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