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CPU: Intel Celeron 500mhz w/MMX
VID: Intel 810e Graphics Accelerator w/5meg VRAM
and 16meg AGP Texture memory

- just a thought maybe u can make a patch that will allow the 3d engine to make use of the AGP port for rendering textures. It may run quite smoothly for me then,....umm just a thought.

- Zooming IN/OUT was just a thought/suggestion if there wasn't already an option for this.

> > I have a few questions in general about AI Wars:
> >
> > 1) The folder settings for maps & cybugs are not
> > (or appear to be) saved correctly. I try to start
> > a battle and the game reports it cannot find the
> > ai files. Maps are not loaded correctly either, I just get a blank map.
> >
> > AI's and Maps are in the folders below.
> > Here is the settings in aiw_config.ini
> >
> > [File Locations]
> > cybugs=c:\games2\a.i. wars\cybugs
> > maps=c:\games2\a.i. wars\maps
> >
> > 2) Are there command-line parameters for the 3D engine? 3d mode seems to run extrememly slow, with
> > only 1 cybug in battle at 640x480 rez. Also if you move the mouse up far enough (like at the sky) it crashes.
> >
> > 3) When selecting follow mode in 3D the engine
> > appears to lock up or slow down immensely where it
> > is almost unplayable.
> >
> > If you need more info, let me know :)
> > Thanks, Dave
> >
> I forgot the ask, is there a way to zoom in/out on the 3d battle map? If not, it may make a great
> addition to the game hmmm? ;)
> Thanks again....

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