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> For those of you who have tried and had problems uploading your Cybugs, it's fixed.
> While developing the forum I noticed that the upload feature was crashing with an error 500 which after MUCH research I determined that my web hosting service had a corrupted or incorrectly registered DLL on their server. I informed them of this and they fixed it quickly, so to make a long story short you can now upload your Cybugs!
> Don't be shy, upload anything that you may have so others can test out their Cybugs against yours (even if your's is only fodder for them...) The more of them to test against the better they can become!
> Feel free to upload other AI Wars related files and tutorials, think of it as a file repository.
> John

hey guys... i have this cybug i call 'selfdestuct', and i was wondering if i could upload it even though its potenchally fatal cannon fodder... what it does is fire a missle at any enemy found on long range scan, zap any mine that it gets near, and selfdestructs if an enemy gets near it.

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