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Return of the International Bug League?? From:
Raven Suominen

I've made some plans to revive International Bug League (IBL) I ran a couple of years ago. "Back in the old days" the IBL was one of the most popular bug competitions with almost 20 bugs in it.

Before reviving the IBL I need to be certain there will be anough participants. I've been out of the picture for at least two years and therefore have no idea how many authors there are around.

The League needs at least 12 bugs. According to the (old) rules any author can enter a maximum of 2 bugs in the League. This could be changed to 3 if needed, though. I therefore need at least 4-6 authors. I may enter one or two bugs myself as well.

Anybody interested in joining? Email me: raven@iki.fi and state how many bugs (1-3) you'd like to enter.

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