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Hey Allz! Long time no see! From:
Jamie Lintern

Hello everybody. It has been a LONG while since I did anything related to AI Wars. I got addicted to Starcraft, and pretty much forgot all other computer games. The other reason I haven't played in a while is because I forgot my registration code, so I can't download v5. John, if you could help me out with that, I'd really appreciate it. Contact me by Email if you need confirmation of my identity. I can give you the password to my bug Einstein, or whatever you think is appropriate. Please contact me.

Well, I see the same old bugs are winning the tourneys (CTS, BSG, SCII, etc). I'm surprised this community is still around. Too bad none of the old veterans are still here (Shea, James, Philip, Dumbo, etc). I remember them always giving excellent advice when I was a newbie.

Well, I hope to get playing soon if I can get v5.


PS. I changed my email address.

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