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A.I. Wars 3D Engine v1.1.1 update Released! From:
John Reder

I have issued another patch in:


This patch adds a few camera angle options to Cybg follow mode. To cycle through the angles simply select the followed Cybugs number again and again, the angle will switch each time the same Cybug ID is selected. The angles are:

Note: These Cycle each time you select the same Cybug ID number:

- Regular follow view from 8 ft. back.
- Top down over followed Cybug from 100 ft up.
- Follow from 100 ft. up and 100 ft. back.
- Follow from 50 ft. up and 50 ft. back.
- Top down over followed Cybug from 200 ft up.

This patch also gets rid of bad radar ghost Cybug locations.

This patch also adds a feature where a followed Cybug when killed will auto change the follow to the highest scoring living Cybug. This also happens if you select a dead Cybug that has no flag left on the field to mark its last location.


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