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IBL news (Re: tournament earlier today) From:
Raven Suominen

> I Raven gets IBL gets going again. My best advice is to keep it simple because its more likely to last if you don't have too much to do every week. My tournament is good because I just have to quickly set it up then can watch it or go and do something else.

Thanks for the support! I've already received one bug for the League and I'll also enter two of my bugs from 1999 (they stand no chance in 2002, but what the heck...)

You're right about too much work. The IBL was cancelled in 1999 because of that very reason. This time I have made two programs to automate the processing of the results and creating the necessary HTML-files, thus reducing the necessary work to a minimum. You'll be amazed how well the League works! ;-)

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