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Repost: Minor rule change for tournament and stuff From:
Robert Jessop

The remaining available spaces in the battle will be filled by dummy cybugs, which self destruct immediately. This is so that the cybugs use all the start places on the map, not just the top ones. Also I've moved a couple of the start places slightly to stop cybugs running into mines at the start of the game - its not exactly fair when a cybug starts next to 2 mines. Details are on the site.

Since numbers are low; If no-one objects I'd like to enter CTS and BGS in the next tournament, both are still good bugs but I don't think Mig or Vidar read this anymore so won't know about my tournament.

And John John and the rest of you enter your bugs, even if you think they won't win.

BTW, While I should have been revising I was updating SC2, improving cloaked bug tracking, barrier navigation and attack. v2.7 will appear in the next tourney then be available to download.

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