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John Reder

I'm working on two deals that may expand the online community so I'm expecting to see an increase in interest soon. Also, if this year is like all others things really get going around April for some reason.

I personally would love to see some sort of battleshell type toutnament where players can jump in at any time and start with a small piece of land and build an empire carving swaths out of land help by the current gooup of powerful Cybugs. Newer stronger Cybugs would move in and take over land held by older static players who let their Cybugs grow stale as they loose interest or chose to rest upon their success and watch the arms race get more and more challenging.

I think that some sort of automated nightly turn sequence could be easy to automate with a save to BMP function saving the current battle map into something that can be displayed on the tournament web site daily for all to watch the battl unfold.

It would have to me automated somehow so you would not be troubled with the day to day repetitive work allowing you to spend your time (when you have it) devising the next big battle world map etc...

Maybee moves could be handled via standardized formatted e-mail messages or instead on moves you simply place your Cybug in a starting position and let the A.I. control its progress and if its good enough it starts to replicate and take over the world map breeding like a rabbit and winning by wiping out the rest of the cybug population.

Just a thought (actually something I wanted to do but have been too busy to set up, thats why I released the battleshell source...).


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