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My Minor Glitch From:
Duncan Munro

Hey Mr. Reder:

Neat program you have put together here. Interesting way for people to start programming and toying with AIs. My Robotics class at WP Wagner High School (in Edmonton, AB, CA) has bought a copy and has us do some projects with it for credit.

One of the projects is a maze solving bug. We design a maze and have to put a bug through it. We have a second bug act as the "Goal" which knows only to scan and self destruct when the other one comes next to it (it is set as queen too).

So there I am programming and working the kinks out of my code. I get it working, stick it in a really big and hard maze and the bug works fine... for a while. All of a sudden the whole thing gibbles and stops working entirely. It generally gets stuck in the next place it can.

So, being an intrepid programmer (as I am) I go about debuggin to find the failure in my code. But there isn't any. You see, I used a basic recursive algorithm to facilitate the maze finding power. I was able to do this via the gosub call and some tricky "end if" work. But the buffer in the program only holds 100 returns... after that, the program refuses to gosub any longer. This poses a problem for me and my bug (who now has to self-destruct once 100 sub-functiuons are reached). I was wondering if there is anything you could do about this. It should only be a matter of increasing a buffer or making the buffer dynamic.

Thanx for your thought in this matter...

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