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serious CAICL problems From:

Ok here's what I've done and discovered:

* I wrote a bunch of code using a lot of sub procedures.

* my bug wasn't operating as planned.. so I commented out moving and scanning sub procedure calls in my main loop. Consequently, my bug should just turn around.. and it does that for like 60 clicks. But then, it magically scans and fires a grenade. Huh??? How is it possibly reaching the other code? No, there isn't any infinite recursion going on that would cause an overflow or something.

* I also noticed that commenting out the password line doesn't do much. It still prompts for a password. That doesn't make much since.

* I took this commenting problem into account and went back and deleted the previously commented moving and scanning sub procedure calls. The same thing happened.. the bug turned around like i wanted but then impossibly scanned and fired a grenade. So I guess there is only a commenting problem on the password line.

So is there something wrong with the gosub command? All the bug code i've seen uses it very sparingly; maybe that's an omen. :( Is there something wrong with commenting out the password line? Any answers to these questions would be awesome. :) I was excited about making a bug when I learned of ai wars' existence; however, flaws in the language are discouraging.

one final unrelated question...
Why are there fortress of flags updates in the ai wars forum? That doesn't make since either.

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