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scratch that - no serious CAICL problems :) From:

the main loop of my program looked like this:


(calls to sub procedures here..)

goto helloDriver

well, the problem was that the colon should go <i>after</i> the sub procedure name.. not before. Now my bug turns around forever like i wanted. :)

Sorry Mr. Reder for the false claim. Yea, it would probably be easier to debug if i registered. :)

I have more questions..

- How many levels of recursion can a subprocedure achieve?

- Does the gosub command take more click parts than the goto command?

And a suggestion

In the documentation you might want to put that labels can not contain the string "password" anywhere. I tried using the label "ppasswordhappy:" in my program and the next time I went to access the file it prompted for a password.. I had no idea what to type in. Good thing I had my file open in another window :) or I would have been locked out forever.


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