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Hello again Mr. Reder.

I have a question about the return statement. Why does it take an extra subclick? I am used to using an object oriented approach to programming. Consequently, I sectioned my code up using a bunch of gosub and return commands. But, I'm being penalized a subclick for each block of code. Is it possible that you could make the return command a freebe for all of us object oriented people? Just a humble suggestion.

thanks for reading my comment :)


> I'm glad you worked that issue out! Thanks for your idea, i'll try to work that into the next release.
> Here are your answers:
> There is a recursion limit of 100 levels deep.
> A gosub and a goto both take 1 subclick but a gosub will take an extra subclick when you use the return statement, so it atcually takes up a little more processing power.
> Hope this helps!
> John

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