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Re: Re: Re: Variable Looping problems... From:
Robert Jessop

These are the two lines with problems:

> > > ;heres where the numbers, if negative, should be fixed
> > > if value vp < 0 then math vp = #x_pos - #enemy_x

> > > ;next line problem!
> > > if value vw = ~v1 then goto start2

Correct Versions:
> > > if value ~vp < 0 then math vp = #x_pos - #enemy_x
> > > if value ~vw = ~v1 then goto start2

Basically you've got to use the ~ in front of variable names whenever you use their value the only time you use variables without the ~ is immediately after a assign, math or cmath keyword because you are then giving its name rather than asking for its value.

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