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Re: having trouble with variables From:
John Reder

Change the line from:
if ~v2 = 300 then move forward

if value ~v2 = 300 then move forward

Hope this helps,

PS: A.I. Wars and the CAICL language has been around since 1996 so I think we have found all of the show stopping bugs. :)

> I can't get the compiler to recognize variables. even when I use this simple loop it doesn't
> start:
> assign v2 300
> if ~v2 = 300 then move forward
> turn right
> goto start
> all my bot does is spin right. I can't store into variables, and the verify button doesn't recognize them as variables.
> P.S. does having the shareware version have something to do with it? if not, I'm not going to buy something that is defective. Other than this problem, I love the game though.
> P.P.S. I am still a script kiddie in this laguage, but I know c, c++, Python, and basic, so if you could explain it using that better...

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