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Robert Jessop


> My first question would be how many spaces does a long range scan cover?

The whole length of the arena.

> My next question would be is there a quick way that my cybug can look at a large peice of the arena and make a movement decision in few enough sub clicks that if it were to be snuck up on it could evade or attack?

exploring as difficult to do as you can only detect walls with scans or bumping into them. You can check if the enemy is in a dangerous position with a cmath statement or two - #enemy_x and #enemy_y, #x_pos and #y_pos are the most useful variables.

Im just getting started making these guys so i dont know a lot but i am gathering as much information and source as i can so that maybe some day i might have a cybug worth entering in a competition. If anyone reading this has some advice or even a link i might try chasing i would be verry interested. Also is there a program i can get to make my own arenas for this game? Thank you all so much for your time and whoever coded mantis... Watch out cause flint is moving up the food chain :-)

See http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~rj200/ for my tournament website.

You can create your own levels in AI Wars itself. I don't know if this is available in the shareware version or just the registered version.

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