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i-Cybie - Great robotics platform From:
John Reder

This is a little off topic but I feel it's something that many of you might find of interest...

I am the proud owner of several i-Cybies. In case you don't know what that is, its a robotic dog introduced by Tiger Electronics around this time last year. Due to the economy and other market influences it was a flop. They were originaly priced at $200 and now they can be found for between $25 to $80 in may store clearance isles and are still available on Amazon. These prices are well below the manufacturing cost and are too good to be true for anyone who is interested in Robotics. They are not in production anymore so I suggest you get one while they last (you can see a picture on my Gadgets page http://www.tacticalneuronics.com/content/Store_Gadgets.asp ).

Although this robot has failed to generate the sales that Tiger wanted to see (too many other cheaply built robot pets on the market causing buyers to become jaded...) The company who sold the designs to Tiger has decided to support the i-Cybie on its own because they feel that it deserved more. They have released a walk-up charger, much better battery with smart charger and a programible cartridge interface - since then many folks have developed personality editors and other modifications that have opened up a new world of opertunities for programming it. If you like robotics and like to tinker then this is a gift. After the i-Cybie stocks dry up the only game in town will be Sony's AIBO which is a very nice product if you have about $1000 laying around.

You can see more information about its hacks and software at: http://www.aibohack.com


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