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John Reder

Bump Barrier is set to TRUE when a Cybug attempts to move forward onto a space where a barrier exists otherwise it is FALSE. Once set to TRUE, it will remain TRUE until another move command is executed that does not move it into a barrier. In your case turning right or left is reseting the bump barrier bit to to FALSE.

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> I was under the impression that 'bump barrier' happened when a barrier was directly in front of it, but maybe not... my bug is having this problem where sometimes it gets stuck in front of a wall and just wiggles... when I check the debug later, it seems as if the 'if not bump barrier' ifs are failing when the bug has a barrier to its side or back, and not in front of it. My bug mostly has this problem if its been chasing another bug and runs into a wall... however this does not always happen. Could someone explain to me if I was wrong about the 'bump barrier' and 'not bump barrier' concepts?

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