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Thanks for the interest in the game! You might be excited to learn that I am getting ready to release a completely new game in the A.I. Wars series called A.I. Wars (Armor Command) - it's a new sibling of A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) that is designed to be alot more user friendly, although it still uses the CAICL language (Common A.I. Command Language) so Cybugs can be imported into it. If the Cybug is an example of the future of fighting machines, this game uses a machine from out time, the Tank. I like to think of this game as A.I. Wars for everyone else, not as many configurables as The Insect Mind, but the interface is easier and I'm hoping it will open the game up to anyone who was too intimmidated by The Inset Mind's complex interface. Armor Commander only supports 3D 800x600 resolution or greater. I'll post some screen shots other than the teaser add on the main tacticalneuronics page soon.


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