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uhoh, Ill look around... but Im pretty sure I dont have that anymore, if I do i will make sure to email it to you, but if not then i assume ill have to use shareware, or buy another copy? Thanks for the reply

> Yes, just e-mail me the registration code you
received or a copy of the e-mail sent to you by the service you registered through. Once I receive this I will send you a link and password where you can download it from.
> Thanks,
> John
> > you guys probably dont remember me, i played this game a while ago, and i had a bot called Trainer in a tournament, but I stopped playing for while, almost a year I think, but I had the registered version, and I was thinking Id like to get back into playing, but I realized that A.I. Wars got uninstalled sometime a while back, and I would really like to get the full version again without paying more money. Is there any way I can download it again, ie what kind of proof do I need to show you that I actually have paid for the full version?
> > If there is a way I can get back into this game then I would really enjoy playing again. Thanks Alot

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