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I was just thinking, please let me know if you like it or not. I had an idea about different gametypes like Capture the Flag, or even others, there could be a system variable for what gametype it is so the bugs would know what they are supposed to be doing. Then they could also have variables for the flags x and y position, and variables for the x and y position of where they are sopposed to bring the flag to. there could also be variables for the x and y and heading of the player with the flag. and you would have teams that start in a map(probably larger than the current ones) and they would have to go to the other side and get the flag, then come back to their side, it seems feasible to me, and it would provide a good opportunity to design bugs that use team variables to coordinate their movements. it also seems like alot of fun, and very challenging, plus it would require good pathfinding in all bots, please reaply with your ideas.

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