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New Bug Grasshopper vs. Seeker Mini 1.0 and 1.1 From:
Martin C.

I've downloaded your Grasshopper using the A.I. Wars Shareware. I don't think it has a match with my Seeker Mini 1.0 and Seeker Mini 1.1. Try my your Grasshopper with my Seekers. You'll see what I mean...

> Jason,
> I have run Grasshopper through the gaultlet and it does very well! Nice design!
> John
> > I just uploaded my latest bug "Grasshopper", and it is now available in the A.I. File Library. I really wanted to write a bug competitive with the current "Championship" bugs, but it's still not there. I figure I'll just post what I have now otherwise I'll just keep tinkering and no one else will ever enjoy him.
> >
> > However, Grasshopper is competitive with most of the other downloadable bugs and is by no means a push over! If conditions are just right and he gets on a roll, watch out! Grasshopper will occasionally win a 5 on 5 battle with even SCIII!
> >
> > Robert Jessop, could you please enter Grasshopper in your next tournament, and everyone else, let me know how he fairs against your creations?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Jason

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