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Re: New Bug Grasshopper vs. Seeker Mini 1.0 and 1.1 From:
Jason Hect

Hmm, I get very different results? Maybe my computer is just biased to my bugs! :) I ran numerous 5 on 5 games on maps ranging from open to maze and Grasshopper was victorious against Seeker 1.1 every time? Does the shareware version have "smart clicks"? If not, that would really slow down my bug and make a big difference.

Head on, I think our bugs are very similar, they both rapid fire missiles or guns until out of ammo. It was fun when two of our bugs would face off with lots of ammo and fire off 5 or 6 missiles in a row. Inevitably, one of us would run out of ammo and the other usually won the stand off.

Where Grasshopper really did it's damage was with grenades and energy blasts, both of which are missing from Seeker's arsenal. Grasshopper trys not to walk into "line of sight" of the enemy bug, and instead goes for a grenade shot. Seeker seemed to very susceptible to this type of attack. If Grasshopper ever got Seeker in his perimeter (and not in Seeker's line of sight) Grasshopper always slaughtered Seeker with energy blasts.

Neither one of our bugs has much if any code to avoid getting stuck by walls and such, so many of the games ended with all our bugs just sitting in the same spot. Grasshopper has 3 different modes of operation and only in the "Enemy Far Away" mode does he take the time to see if he's stuck. In the other two modes "enemy off by one x or y" and "enemy close" I didn't want to waste clicks on checking for being stuck.

I did however find some bugs in Grasshopper's code. I'll keep tinkering and will try to release a new version in a week or two. I'm looking forward to matching up against your next Seeker bug!


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